Wednesday, 3 August 2011

first trial...hehe...

Hello my name is azlan aizuddin sudarman..i'm 19 years old act not 19 yet coz my birtday on 25 sept 1992..i have 5 siblings and i'm de youngers brother in my is i further my study in UITM Alor Gajah,Melaka. Now i in semster 3 and i was being here for one year. My course is Masscommunication and Faculty Communication,whatelse ek bout me..owh attitude,i'm the person who talkative,friendly,alway smile or laugh,i like to do something new and adventures,i also like to travel.hurm anything else bout me,ha????hurm....???my ambition actually wanna be fligth attendent or cabin crew..i'll had a friend who always with roomate and my coursemate..we always together no matter where we two friend is my best friend.we always hang out together..they alway by my side if i had a problem or when i need someone to talk to..

right side - azfar
left side- me (azlan)

aziz seti


  1. good try Azlan...smg terus melangkah ke hadpn....

  2. thanks yeah...but i still x taw how to use blog to follow my other friend